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Monday, August 21, 2006

Thanks to my mom

Listening to Jak Paris, "The Chain" (a cover of the Fleetwood Mac hit)

I will, indeed, not be evicted. She came up with the rest of what I needed; I'm not sure how, but she came through. Kudos to her.

They also went ahead and took my computer home to see if they could find a way to resurrect it post-lightning storm. In the meantime I'm using an old laptop as a backup, but it's working pretty well. I didn't realise it had an ethernet card, for example, because the connexion is a little different. Anyway, I got it connected to the Internet which is great because I also got my router/adapter today from Vonage. For no activation fee or first month's fee, I was able to get a regular phone number with unlimited local and long distance minutes. Since I cancelled the cable, that freed up about $45, and Vonage is only $24.99 a month. So, hopefully I'll be able to chat with my friends and family now, and not worry about missing a job opportunity because my pre-paid cell minutes have gotten low.

Speaking of jobs, the Council on Postsecondary Education called me today to set up an interview for a reference librarian position with the Kentucky Virtual Library. It's been months since I replied, and even months since they sent me a letter saying they would set up interviews eventually. I gather there was a hiring freeze in the state government. Anyway, I have my interview on Wednesday; wish me luck!

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