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Thursday, August 03, 2006

A second limit reached

Earlier in the year--in May--I reached the limit to my flexible spending account, mainly due to the fact that it has been the Year of Dental Care (oral surgery, several root canals, etc.)

Now I've received word from my dentist's office that I have reached the $1500 limit on what my insurance will pay per year. So, I'm on my own for the rest of the year, meaning we're going to put off the crowns until the beginning of next year and just focus on putting in permanent fillings into the teeth to be crowned. They are going to repair a temporary filling I have that seems to have come out at no charge (yay).

I really like my dentist, Dr Robin Bays. Not only is her staff great, they don't worry too much if you carry a balance, and the first time I went there, the hygienist was out so Dr Bays did my cleaning herself. She's very personable and almost always remembers I have a latex allergy. :)

The waking up earlier thing is working today; I got up around 8 (I tried for 7), so I'm awake and alert and being productive. I did quite a bit of cleaning at the house yesterday. Today's my mom's birthday. What else? Oh, it's a bit cooler with a breeze (or rather it's not as humid, with a breeze, and it feels better this morning). I was listening to the radio earlier and they were saying that the hot nights are actually the main reason for heat-related deaths, because the night doesn't turn cool enough for our bodies to recover. Case in point, a 1 1/2 year old in Fleming County died apparently of heat exposure when he and his 2 1/2 year old sister apparently left the house sometime after 3 am and climbed into a van to play. The mother, finding the children gone in the morning, found them in the van and had to break a window to get to them, but the boy was already dead. I can see the kids wandering; at 2-3 I did it regularly, sometimes getting under the bed to stay cool on the floorboards but also going out the door to the outside and scaring my family half to death. Fortunately I was on a farm and not near a road or anything like that. I was talking about the story with one of the cleaning ladies, and the one thing we can't figure out is how the kids opened and shut a van door on their own. Maybe they just went through the front and climbed into the back, but even the front doors are pretty heavy. I could see unlocking or locking as not a real issue, especially if they had keys with a button for that. Kids watch everything we do and so can figure out how to do something. Anyway, it was a weird story, and a sad one, but my point is the boy didn't die on a hot, sweltering day. He died at night, and our nights have been almost as bad as the days of late.

Well, that's pretty much it for now. I don't have Internet access at home until Tuesday, so I may not write as much over the next few days. Take care and stay cool.

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