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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The perfect scrub jacket for a librarian reading to kids

Dr. Seuss™ Menagerie Scrubs by Cherokee from OpenPlease.com


My boss is ordering both a jacket and shirt for me in that design. I particularly like it because it has my favourite Seuss character on it, Horton--with whom I identify to this day, due to a whole host of psychological reasons stemming from my childhood.

I suppose this means I should coordinate the hand puppet with the Seuss wear, rather than going with Cthulhu. (Although visions of 'hi boys and girls, this is Cthulhu, a monster who lives deep in the sea and who wants to be your special friend' were just too great.) I'm actually not a great Cat in the Hat fan--he's annoying in some ways, although of course he's an icon of Seuss, but they also have puppets in Grinch, Max (the longsuffering dog of the Grinch, with whom I also identify greatly, for reasons stemming from my adulthood, which YKWIA and anyone who knows us can appreciate), Horton, and apparently the Lorax; unfortunately the latter seems to only be available at the reseller sites and the Grinch/Max seem a little too seasonal. I love the Lorax, Yertle the Turtle, and of course Horton the Elephant most of all the Seuss characters, so maybe I should go with a Horton puppet. What do you think?

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