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Monday, November 10, 2014

Not surprisingly, today kicked my butt

Considering this is the first day in a couple that I've been vertical, with this cold, I guess that makes sense. It was also the first day of flying solo, as it were, in registration, scheduling and covering checkout as needed from about 9 am to 1 pm. Actually, I stayed till 2 pm, as it didn't seem that I'd ever catch up. I was slow, but tried to be as accurate as possible, and people were very understanding. But a lot of odd things that didn't come up in training came up today (typical, I suppose, and after all, it was Monday). Tomorrow's load should be about the same. Wednesday the clinic is even bigger. Eek. I hope I can do this. I thought I was doing pretty well while I was in training, but this was totally different. And yes, I did have people to ask what to do, thankfully, when those things came up that I hadn't seen before. But I'm a little overwhelmed. I'm sure once the cold-induced brain fog lifts and I can catch my second wind I'll be fine. But it is a lot to absorb. They're just happy I was willing to do it. And it is a valuable skillset around there, so being the flexible person willing to learn just about anything is a good thing. I just want to do as great of a job as possible, that's all.

So I pulled off the road and took a call from YKWIA this afternoon (I try not to talk on the phone while driving at all, much less anything else you can do with a phone, which I consider verboten), as he checked on me and vice versa, and then I came home, made dinner (pancakes with light syrup) and crashed for about four or more hours, getting up several times to drink more water and blow my nose. I'm at that point where it's difficult to eat and breathe at the same time, as I can't breathe well through my nose. And at one point I was having trouble using the CPAP, because of course it's designed with nasal pillows, and mouth-breathing breaks the whole cycle. But I eventually got things going again, and my sinuses as cleared as possible.

If I hadn't been starting scheduling today, I probably would have called in sick. I was miserable most of the time I was there. Fortunately the entire time I was in patient registration I did not sneeze, blow my nose, sniffle, etc., so hopefully I didn't pass it on to anyone else, And I washed my hands a lot and I have some sanitizer I can use, too. Once I got back to my desk, though, I did have some congestion and the like, and over the course of the afternoon felt worse. Since I'd come in a little early in the morning, I went ahead and left a little early, so I worked 8 hours total. Now I'm ready to call it a night. Sorry I don't have anything exciting to blog about right now. On the other hand, I learned that excitement = drama = not something I need much in my life. :) Good night.

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