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Thursday, November 06, 2014

I'm not feeling particularly well

on this dreary, cool day. Now maybe it's because I didn't have my Claritin today, and so my allergies might be an issue, but as the afternoon has progressed, I've started having a scratchy throat and aching all over, with a headache. No fever as of yet, but I may be coming down with a cold, especially as I was around someone with one recently, and I've been training in an area with shared workstations and contact with children. :(

In fact, my training period is over and I'll actually be subbing as of Monday, as the person I was going to fill in for starts her leave tomorrow. So for four hours a day, twelve hours a week, I'll be doing scheduling and covering checkout as needed, plus keeping the library running and doing my other duties related to the revenue cycle the rest of the time.

Tonight I need to work on the game notes, but for right now I'm eating a coconut fruit bar and drinking some iced water to help with my throat. I'm thinking of taking some ibuprofen and lying down--my sinuses especially are hurting above my eyes. So for now, I think it's naptime. :)

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