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Friday, November 21, 2014

I feel somewhat better

which may have something to do with having two shots in the butt today at the doctor's office--one an antibiotic, the other a steroid. I haven't had a shot in my butt since I was a kid, I think. Now I've got a Band-Aid on each cheek. :) Tomorrow I'm going to pick up some more medicine from the pharmacy. Although the good news is I don't have strep throat and my lungs are clear, I've gone into a sinus infection. So hopefully I'll be feeling better in general soon, maybe even before Thanksgiving, as I am going to help YKWIA with Thanksgiving dinner and then visit my mom on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. I'd like to be free of most of the symptoms by then, but I'll settle for as soon as possible, as I've been sick for fifteen days and am quite tired of it.

I went over to YKWIA's tonight to watch 'Grimm' with him, which was quite good, plus we visited for awhile and watched some of 'The Big Bang Theory'. Billy Bob Thornton can do creepy really well. Tomorrow I'm taking A to the pharmacy (and getting my stuff as well), taking him to the grocery, and maybe a few other places as we gather stuff for Thanksgiving. Like last year, the theme is French-style cooking, but we managed to convince YKWIA to cut back a little this year, as there are only the three of us. Last year it took A and myself an hour-and-a-half to wash the dishes that wouldn't fit in the dish washer only to find YKWIA asleep at the table, tired from all we had done that day. There's still a lot to do this year, and I'm not off on Wednesday. But hopefully we'll have a good time.

I also have to finish the game notes tomorrow. I have some of them done, but there's still more, and it's investigative work, so that takes longer to transcribe than down time or action scenes. But I think we only played for about three-and-a-half hours last time, so that's not too bad. I just haven't felt up to working on them since we last played.

Okay, I think I will get something to drink and then head on to bed. Good night!

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