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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Home from the holidays

On Thanksgiving, I had a wonderful dinner that I'd helped YKWIA prepare, and we had quite a nice day, ending with re-watching Julie and Julia. We had mostly French-style Thanksgiving food, including chestnut soup, gruyere gougères, Quorn fake turkey roast, port cranberry sauce, potatoes with garlic and parsley, green beans with chives, celery salad, rolls, apples and lavender in puff pastry, and French pumpkin pie. Everything except the rolls were made from scratch. It was all really yummy. I don't understand how Quorn can turn mushorooms into something that tastes like poultry, but they do. And the apples in lavender butter were absolutely sublime. But it was all excellent. I'd never had chestnuts before and while they were a pain to peel, the soup was great.

Yesterday it was off to Danville to visit my mom. I had a decent time. We talked quite a bit and watched a good deal of television, including the movies Leap Year (which I loved, and yet another Amy Adams film, so I saw her two days in a row after Julie and Julia), Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, and part of Total Recall (I left in the middle of that one; I've seen it before.) Last night we watched a lot of 'Blue Bloods' with Tom Selleck, which I hadn't watched before but was pretty good. We also watched 'Rookie Blue' and 'Hawaii Five-O', so lots of cops shows. I did not get a chance to watch 'Grimm', but should have it on the DVR here. Today we were watching TNT, and 'The Librarians' are coming, a series based on the Noah Wyle movies, with a team of adventurers. I liked the movies quite a bit, so I must say, I'm intrigued. It premiers Sunday, December 7th, at 8 pm. Must remember that, as I'm usually playing the Cthulhu game till about then.

There is no Cthulhu game tomorrow, as Brenda has a potluck with the local Society for Creative Anachronism shire. But maybe YWKIA and I can finish the fourth season of 'Haven' (one episode left) on Netflix and all three of us can do some thing fun.

Today I'm going to try to work on the house some, as I let it deteriorate while I was sick. It's not awful, but it need some attention. But first I should check in with the guys and make sure A doesn't need to go to the grocery today.

Anyway, that's my holiday weekend so far. Hope yours is doing well.

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