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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Well, at least I'm awake, I guess

So I spent the first half hour of being awake looking through my e-mails and tying to access the patient portal to my doctor's office, because I got an e-mail saying there were new lab results. Now, I go on this maybe once every few months, so I never remember the password (although at least I do remember the username), and I didn't have it with my other passwords. So after many tried through the Android application, I tried to reset the password, but it asks for birth date or phone number as validation and then doesn't accept either. So I tried to go to the web version, which is tricky because it locks the account after three tries, so I tried twice and then requested a reset to the password. This time the validation was a challenge question I could answer, and it accepted it, so I've changed my password (and I've entered it into the appropriate place for later), and finally got to the results, which turned out be be from my strep test, which I already knew was negative. :( Nothing like frustration to get you up and out of bed. Grrr.

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