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Sunday, November 16, 2014

So I spent the day sick in bed

And am starting to feel a little better, finally.  I have slept and awoken every two hours or so and drank a glass of water.  Every four hours it so I have eaten something.  I have listened to some music,  but not read or watched anything, as that takes too much effort when I feel bad.  But I have had vivid,  entertaining dreams. It is very much like two years ago when I was recovering from being hit by the car.

Fortunately the cold should abate sooner than that.  Tomorrow it's back to work in what should be snow.  For now,  though,  I just want to stop sneezing,  etc.,  and go back to the hoarse-yet-recovering stage I was in about midweek a few days ago. It would be nice to be recovered completely within a few more days,  especially by Thanksgiving.

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