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Monday, November 17, 2014

With temperatures nosediving, let's hope they decide on something soon

Lexington may set aside $200,000 for homeless shelter in city-owned building on Industry Road
Even if all the parties come to agreement on Dec. 3, HUD must sign off on the agreement, Ramsey said.

The council allocated $1,237,850 of the $2.2 million last week. It has a little less than $1 million left to allocate. Hamilton said the $200,000 would be used to add bathing and bathroom areas at the Industry Road building.

Ramsey said the two sides need to come to a resolution soon. The Community Inn is operating at capacity as temperatures plummet. Twenty-eight people stayed overnight at the Catholic Action Center, a day shelter, on Sunday night.

"We are seeing a lot of new homeless people," Ramsey said. "We aren't sure why. There are a lot of elderly and disabled. Many have come here looking for jobs because of our low unemployment rate. About 45 percent of the people who stay at the Community Inn work full time."
Here's to anything that can serve our homeless population, get people back on their feet, and out of danger.

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