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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

So I am feeling

Less nervous about scheduling and am a little more confident in what I'm doing this week as opposed to last week,  where I felt drained and stressed.  And it was a very busy week,  but I mostly stayed on top of things and juggled my library and revenue cycle duties pretty well. Thursday and Friday I can take care of those two areas in greater depth,  plus I have some meetings to go to.  Tomorrow I have to leave early to take a friend to an appointment as well.  But I am an hour-and-a-half ahead on my time,  so I won't have to dip into my personal time off much. 

I've been trying to build it up due to the impending holidays,  and barring getting sicker or something like that,  I should be on track for two days at Thanksgiving,  three at Christmas (we have Christmas Eve off in addition to Christmas Day.  It seemed a good plan to take that Friday off as well).  Of course,  there is also New Year's. So that is six days.  With the next pay period I'll have about eight days saved. By the end of the year there will be about two more.

I am still sick,  but hanging in there.  I am tired of blowing my nose,  which is very irritated.  Even with the medication,  which I am almost out of,  it has not been fun.  But if I can get better without it going into a sinus infection or bronchitis,  I will be quite happy.

I was going to read for a bit.  Turns out I left my Kindle wireless connexion on several days ago,  so it's charging.  Yes,  I know,  this is where real,  physical books have an advantage. So instead I am listening to music and debating on whether it's too late in the day for a nap.  :) Or, I could just pick one of the many books I have on sixteen bookshelves and read.  I have several out from the library I need to get to,  as well.  :)

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