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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Great job, both to the young lady and to those who trained her

Missouri teen saves 11-month-old baby in Walmart with CPR
Abby Snodgrass, 17, was in the High Ridge, Mo., Walmart when she heard a commotion. She ran over and performed CPR on a baby who had stopped breathing and most likely saved the child. She learned the life-saving procedure in health class.
You don't see much in the way of heartwarming or good stories in the news these days, so I was glad to see this. Apparently the local emergency personnel have been teaching every high school student in their district CPR since last year, and will have taught about 600 young people by year's end. What a great programme! I took CPR years ago, but haven't kept up on the latest techniques at all, and I gather it's changed a lot. I should check into getting a refresher at work. I'm not one of the people required to maintain CPR-certification, but it never hurts to know what to do.

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