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Friday, January 02, 2004

Why is she blogging at 4:30 am?

listening to: 'Carnival' by Natalie Merchant
feeling: Content

Well, I've slept a lot on and off all day. I did manage to get up and at least play on the computer and watch TV for about five hours and then went back to bed. But in retrospect yesterday was very, very busy and I think I just needed the rest, because now I'm feeling much better and well-rested. Of course, part of that may have to do with the fact that the rain is definitely here, and I don't tend to be quite so achy after a front's gone through.

So I got up and decided to risk a nice long bath (I've had a fever blister for a week--lucky me, I got it from my mom before I ever went to school and it's popped back up over the years, usually during school pictures and times of stress. I think this was triggered when I accidentally went off my Paxil for 5 days--I had not had an outbreak since I'd been on it, and the year before I started on the medication I had one about every two months. I've been careful, since I don't want to spread it anywhere else than on my upper lip. I managed to survive a marriage to a bisexual man with sexual addiction without getting any STDs, thank you--the last thing I want to do is spread oral herpes to myself. But the blister's scab fell off yesterday, and I was just careful not to put my whole face down in the water or use the same towel on my face and body.)

I feel so much better. My upper arm/shoulder was a little swollen with deep bruising from the combination of being jerked by a Rottweiler and then catching myself when I fell yesterday. My knee's got a decent bruise on it too. However, they're both already feeling a little better which is good because I really want to go to the gym tomorrow. At the very least, I want to get up and get moving and walk/bike and do the leg and abdominal weights. I'm not sure about working with the arms/shoulders. My fingers have been pretty numb today since I was having trouble bringing my arm up over my head (I have issues in the neck and shoulder area where if I don't move and stretch, I lose feeling in my hands), but I'm getting better now that the swelling's gone down. I may try a little yoga tomorrow instead of the weights, though. Don't want to overdo it, and stretching may be better than trying to bear weights on the muscle.

Well, I guess that's enough blabbering for now. Take care.

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