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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Advil is my friend

I woke up with the wisdom tooth pounding into what seemed like my sinus and into my brain. I'm going to check and see how much it would cost to get the buggers out. Right now, even on payday, I'm about $60 short for the main bill I have to pay and have another $175 vet bill coming out at the end of the month, so from a monetary standpoint, I'm not sure I could swing even a co-payment. Still, I'm just trying to plug on as responsibly as possible and hope that eventually my life will not be so dependent on every cent. In the meantime I've mooched 3 Advil off of the rewrap team (we're re-labeling all of our x-rays at work in preparation for an electronic record go-live Tuesday) and have some ice I've been using against my jaw. It's starting to ease up. I figure it'll put me in a situation where I can help with the rewrapping later on today. I worked over yesterday, I'm scheduled today and tomorrow, so I may not be able to write much.

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