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Tuesday, January 06, 2004


I've reached that point in the job-seeking that I can't just look for library positions. There doesn't seem to be anything new on the library front this week, so I'm checking on other types of employment. In a little over a month, my unemployment ends. So, I put in for two administrative assistant positions over at UK. They would pay within the same range as what I'm making an hour now (because I'm woefully underpaid), but be 40 hours a week with benefits. I chose a couple that sounded like I would enjoy the department and the duties. That puts me at 2 out of the 3 required job contacts this week. There was another I was probably qualified for, but it didn't seem to be much above filing, and I have to have a certain amount of activity/stimulation to get going. There were some others, but they seemed like I'd be getting in over my head. Although there's some overlap and I have some clerical experience, I am not up to being an office manager with lots of knowledge of UK-specific financial forms, for example. It's a little frustrating that, say, I'm overqualified to be a library assistant (another job open at LPL, and libraries won't hire MLS-holders for those positions (and of course, now I understand that, although when I was first starting out it was very difficult to make bagels for $5 and not be able to work in a library), but a lot of other positions are way over my head. I've never been good at selling, for example, and would hate it. I don't want to go back to retail or food service, although I'll do it if it's the only way to keep a roof over my head. I really hope one of those jobs I put in for will bear fruit. I don't want much in life...just a job where I'll be happy, challenged, and can make ends meet. Is that too much to ask?

I think I'll go on to bed and dream about winning the lottery. :)

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