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Monday, January 26, 2004

Monday Madness

1. The one kitchen appliance I just could not live without is my _microwave_.
2. My desk always looks like _a tornado hit it_.
3. The clocks in my house are always _5-20_ minutes fast.
4. The one television program I just can't stand is _Elimidate_.
5. The one television program I try to never miss is _Charmed_.
6. When it comes to housework, I really hate cleaning _the bathroom_.
7. If I could re-design my living room, the first thing I would do is _make it bigger_.
8. I wish I had a bigger _ceiling_ in my house.
9. When someone points a camera at me and says 'Smile!' I usually _grimace_.
10. I expect I'll have my income tax done by _moi_.

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