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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Almost human

I'm afraid the Rabid Librarian hasn't been up to raving today. I'm finally feeling a little better after crashing from 5am (couldn't sleep) to 1:30pm and then back from about 5pm to 10:30pm. Last night I was congested, but today it's been just a little coughing, eyes running, chest tight, and of course the sinus headache from hell, still going down into my wisdom tooth and vice versa. I've been very achy all day, felt feverish, but my old mercury thermometer does not appear to be able to go above 96 degrees these days (do they ever just stop working?--must be time to migrate to digital, retire the old glass thermometer to somewhere safe in terms of the mercury) so I'm not sure if I ran a fever or not. I took a long hot bath a little while ago and that relaxed the muscles quite a bit. Still, the fact that it's late and I feel better makes me think I was dealing with the aftermath of the great records rewrap (including allergies) rather than a virus. My hands are still puffy and numb (but that's usual when I haven't been out moving). So instead of taking more cold medicine, I'm back to ibuprofen with some medicine that helps liquefy the sinus infection/helps with fibromyalgia pain and hoping I'll be better tomorrow.

The dog and cats have been wonderful, cuddling up without being on me where I'm aching, and being very patient concerning food since mum pretty much fell into a deep sleep for hours on end. I rewarded them with a little tuna water, since that's all I was up to eating tonight. Part of me is responding to the little alert that keeps flashing on my computer that says, 'Hey! Freezing rain and ice is on it's way! You should go get staples at the store whilst it's clear!' but I just don't feel up to it. I'm out of bread, but if all else fails I can make some (as long as we don't lose power) or go across the street like in the pre-car days and get something from the pharmacy.

I was able to watch a little TV and play my favourite new game, Inspector Parker. It's a bit like Clue/Cluedo, but more complex. It's logic based and I'm surprisingly good at it. I'm beginning to think that it's not so much that I'm logic-impaired as it is that I do better with it plotted out visually. (I mean, yes, I can solve mystery plots and analyse historical mysteries, but I can't always tell you each step I used, and so do badly when quizzed on logic points). Must remember this for the Cthulhu game, and practise plotting put facts and their relationships in my notes.

That's all for now...type to you later.

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