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Friday, January 02, 2004


What one thing are you most looking forward to . . .

1. ...today? Pancakes. Yes, I know, it's an odd choice, but I haven't had them in years and I found a nice sugar-free, sorbitol-free blueberry syrup that I think will make pancakes more diabetic-friendly. I am eager to find out if that's the case.

2. ...over the next week? Believe it or not, going back to work. Having 11 days off has made me nearly giddy, and I've enjoyed it, but I've wasted a lot of time, too. I actually keep a better focus when I have a schedule to deal with.

3. ...this year? A new job. Believe me, I love my job, but they did lay me off, and as of March the unemployment goes away and I fall to below US$7000 *gross* a year, which is roughly equivalent to my rent alone for the year. Which means I'll net under my rent, and be either homeless or at 36 living back with my mom without another job. So, I'll either be working at any job I can find to supplement, or I'll get a new job entirely.

4. ...over the next five years? I want to get to the point where I can buy a house. I think it's doable, although it may take a little over five years, assuming I can get a decent-paying job. I don't want much...just a little house with a garden I can put some love into.

5. ...for the rest of your life? Hmm...most definitely to continue to grow as a person and learn from all the experiences life teaches. I would like to think there may be requited love out there for me, but really, at this point, I suppose that's icing on the cake.

PS Oh, and by the way, the blueberry syrup WAS very good. Light, without being too sickly sweet. :)

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