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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Ah, warmth

listening to: 'Skellig' by Loreena McKennitt
feeling: Tired

I was feeling better today and braved the impending freezing rain to go work on a project at a friend's house (the game being cancelled, since Brenda's working on putting finishing touches on the local SCA Shire's Candlemas celebration, for which she's co-autocrat). You probably think I'm crazy to drive in ice, but I found that I could manoeuvre a Sentra home to Danville for my grandfather's visitation a few years ago with much worse ice...the Taurus handles fine in the ice, and I only fell once--I was helping bring some laundry in, and had my weight too far forward. The crew at McDonald's thanked me for coming in for breakfast--things were pretty dead for them. I got a few things at the grocery whilst I was out. Then lots of work on the project was accomplished and now I'm back home, safe and sound. My headache is back and my cold medicine's worn off, but otherwise I'm okay.

Last night I fixed up one of those warm cozies where you fill a sock with rice and a little lavendar and microwave it. It's done wonders for my sinus and neck pain.

Update on Dwana: As she'll no doubt blog about once she's back somewhere with steady Internet access, she's home, and at least for now, she's preggers! That is, they went ahead and inserted three of the embryos today. She got to see pictures of them and watch the procedure on a monitor. She's on total bed rest for the next couple of days, and since she's still got some fluid in her lungs, she's off work until midweek. We'll know in a couple of weeks whether the embryos have implanted and a pregnancy is in the offing. But for now, it's a moment to celebrate. :) I so hope this will work!

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