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Wednesday, January 21, 2004


Every now and then my sinuses decide to link up with my wisdom teeth (which really should have been out years ago, so I suppose it's my own fault that I was too wussy/poor to get it done) to create the 'Headache from Hell'. You know the type...everything from behind your eyes to down your jaw and neck feels like it's coming unglued. Ibuprofen's taken off the tiniest edge.

Note to self: find out how much of oral surgery will be paid by dental/health coverage. If the amount I pay is less than the amount I can be reimbursed for my flexible spending account, see if I can get soon. Let's face it, this is only going to get worse over time, and even if they have to knock me out--a major fear I've wrestled with for years--it'll eventually get better, right? Nevermind all the things that could happen.

How people with anxiety issues ever get treatment is beyond me. And, yes, I know, a lot of people think I'm hypochondriac because I worry and even sometimes complain but I don't see a doctor. That's partly fear. And when I have gone, I've always had what I thought was wrong with me, or something worse. So I worry like crazy, but then have to be practically led to the doctor. Where does that fall in the DSM-IV?

Oh, well. At lest my headache will ease up once the weather's changed...Dwana's having a much more difficult week healthwise. I'm glad I'm not in her shoes at the moment. I'm good with chronic pain; so is she...what she has right now is quite definitely acute and compared to her I'd be crying like a babe.

I talked to her husband earlier and in her words she got put into a room with an 80-year-old 'terror'--and that's probably the worst thing I've every heard Eric say about anyone; mind you he works with the elderly, so it wasn't a bias on his part. Eventually, though, her mom (a nurse) managed to get them to move her to a private room so she could get some rest. He was heading over there to spend the night with her. He's a good hubby. :)

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