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Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Sunday we had ice; Monday it was in the mid-50s; tonight it's 15 degrees and snowing very heavily, big snowglobe-worthy flakes (and thanks to N, I now have an image of a giant hand shaking us up--we think alike).

Mind you, it's just a normal day in Lexington. There's something about being located between plains and mountains and with a major river valley that just gives us quick weather changes. We're used to it.

Today I watched several people from Florida (adults, all) cavort in a half-inch of snow. I remember when that was a real treat, growing up in Louisiana. I wonder what they'll think when they wake up tomorrow?

Having gone out in the mess, I can say that it's not too slick if you're careful, but it's a little eerie to have everything snow-covered. I slept a good bit of this evening (having worked till 7), so now I'm thinking about food (ah, nutty bagel and havarti) and doing my taxes online. Fun, hmm?

One good thing: D should be back tomorrow; work just hasn't been the same without her. Yay!