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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Okay, that wasn't the best start of the day

feeling: A little stressed

As should be obvious, I caught up with blogging late last night, mainly because I couldn't sleep. I'd started my period, which usually means it's time for my monthly religious obligations, but lately I've just been spotting for a couple of days, and with the start-stop kind of thing going on, I've had mixed feelings about just when to offer the libation. I've been basically waiting until the third day, when I'm sure I'm in peak flow. That's tonight. But last night I was debating. I did go and get the wine and I have honey on hand. But I looked around the house (I haven't been home much lately, on the run). The dishes need to be done, the litter needs to be changed, some general straightening needs to be done, and the place needs vacuuming. Not ideal when your devotions are to a Goddess whose rites involve purification. I decided to put it off until tonight, after I could get things in better shape.

But I couldn't sleep, either, although I was really tired. It was very windy last night, and the weather was changing, and that always makes me restless. So I checked on a few of the blogs I read to see how people were doing. I finally managed to turn in around 3:30. That's not all that unusual, but usually on those nights I've napped at some point in the afternoon or evening. Last night I hadn't.

Which is why I overslept this morning. Apparently I did something to the clock in my sleep so I not only turned off my alarm, I mucked with the time. I woke up at 10:30, which is not good as I'm to be at work at 10. Fortunately I live just a street from work, so I was able to get there in just a few minutes, after grabbing a quick shower. There's usually enough flexibility, too, so that I can work later to make up the time. That kind of flexibility is one thing I will miss when I do move on to another position. I'd called my boss first thing, of course, but fortunately things were quiet, so no one had to wait on me. It's a busy day elsewhere in the building, so fewer people have had a chance to come in to the library. So it's been slow in here, but I've been doing interlibrary loans, downloading some weekly forms, that sort of thing, getting ahead for the end of the week, and now I'm finally taking a break. Now that I work four hours a day, I tend to forget to take my federally required break, at least formally. It's not like, say, being a cashier when you're on your feet all day and need to sit and rest. Generally I just get up, stretch my legs, check the mail, that sort of thing, maybe chat with my co-workers for a few minutes. Or, in this case, blog.

One thing that did perk up my day was my calendar sheet for the day. It is the best so far, one I plan on tacking up on my refrigerator:

  • If it's not great sex and it's not true love, it's not worth your time.
  • Love? Lust? Can't be sure, better do him again.
  • Stop making the same old stupid mistakes and start making new ones.
  • Have a big dream and make it happen!

I love my Bad Girl calendar. I think I'm going to get one for every woman in my life next year.

Oh, and remember, it's Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday today. I never have understood why we honour people by moving their birthday to whichever Monday works and then taking off and going to sales--or, in the case of Washington and Lincoln, just smush them together as Presidents' Day. At least there are lots of activities for King's birthday for those of us no longer in elementary school. I hope we never, ever do something similar with 9/11, for example.

Well, I'd better go. Time to get back to work. But I do feel much better now.

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