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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Today I:

  1. Had a hard time waking up.
  2. Forgot to put my dentures in (I retrieved them later).
  3. Got criticised for my hair (back with a band that looks like braided hair) and an earring with a cuff that has a butterfly on it.
  4. Got half a tank of gas, as I was on my gas light, which was good, as gas prices went up later in the day.
  5. Took a friend to the doctor and laboratory.
  6. Took him home.
  7. Went to work.
  8. Had a spicy grilled feta cheese sandwich and some fries at my desk.
  9. Drove through a torrential downpour, with lots of water on the road, accidents, trees down, lights off, stalled cars, etc., but with minimal trouble, as I was just careful. I did almost hit someone who came out of an apartment complex across two lanes of traffic while I was coming up into the turn lane to the side of them, as I almost didn't see her in time, but it was all okay.
  10. Went and got three medicines for two friends, plus mine, at the pharmacy.
  11. Brought over the meds.
  12. Got tickled. A lot.
  13. Took a friend to the grocery store. Got plums, soda, and a pint of chocolate milk for myself. Failed to get fish food, and the goldfish are out of theirs.
  14. Came home and got in before it started raining again.
  15. Ate a plum and a can of lima beans for dinner.
  16. Checked out Facebook, the news, and Google Play.
Tomorrow the plan is (I'm off from work):
  1. Go to my psychologist at 8 in the morning to get the full results of my testing.
  2. Go get my friend and take him to Frankfort for an errand.
  3. Go to my ophthalmologist.
  4. Go by the library and return two books I should have returned today.
  5. Go by the pharmacy and exchange a medicine that was accidentally switched with another one that was needed.
  6. Pick up a friend at work.
  7. Take said friend home to eat some dinner himself, as well as feed his animals.
  8. Take said friend to class.
  9. Teach the Wednesday night class.
  10. Take him home.
  11. Check on my other friend.
  12. Go home and crash.
I really should go over the material for class tonight. I may. Or I may just turn in early and hope to get it done while I'm waiting at various waiting rooms tomorrow. :)

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