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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Oy, vey, what a day!

  1. Got the results of my testing, got the names of a couple of authors to read, and it was suggested that I check out MENSA's resources for people who are gifted,  but who also have learning disabilities such as ADHD.
  2. Exchanged some medicine at the pharmacy that had been wrong for the one needed.
  3. Stopped at McDonald's for two cheese and egg biscuits.
  4. Picked up a friend and drove him on an errand to a city 25 miles away.
  5. Came back to Lexington.
  6. Took him by Long John Silver's so he could get lunch.
  7. Went to my ophthalmologist and had my eyes dilated, my pressure checked, and pictures of my optic nerve and retinal thickness taken. There was no sign of retinopathy or other issues from the diabetes, and my pressure is okay. I see him again in January, this time with a field of vision test.
  8. Went home, ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  9. Got a friend from work and took him home.
  10. Went to class and taught our module on medications.
  11. Stopped by Taco Bell for dinner. Many traffic, street, and store lights were out. Not sure what caused the outage, but it doesn't seem to have happened here.
  12. Came home.
  13. Ate two plums. Now I'm ready to sleep.
Good night!

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