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Friday, July 31, 2015


That's what the large dial on the notebook says right now. It's in the final stages of the installation,  but this one is much slower than the desktop.  I put the slower download to being on WiFi,  but the whole thing has been slower.   I started around 9:30 pm,  and it's 2:30 am now, whereas the other took maybe 2-3 hours altogether.

Fortunately nothing has required my response since about an hour ago, so I can sleep and check in later to make sure it all went okay. I'll give it another couple of hours.  It's kind of like when I make bread in the machine,  in that I can sleep while waiting,  although this doesn't have a set timed end. So I'll have some broken sleep tonight,  obviously.  I could just let it go and check in the morning at this point,  but I am too much of a geek to do so.  :)

I'll post an update.  In the mean time,  good night.

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