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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

So tired

It's been a long day,  about 16 hours or so of a doctor's appointment,  work,  and class.  The first was utterly frustrating.  I went to my psychiatrist expecting to discuss my test results showing I had attention-deficit disorder, and perhaps getting treated for it.  But he didn't have the report yet, which means either the psychologist hasn't finished writing it yet,  even though we discussed the results earlier this month and she knew when I was seeing the doctor,  or it never made it upstairs from the other office (the practice has two floors--the counselor and testing centre are on the first,  but the psychiatrist is on the second). I like both of the clinicians who oversee my care,  as they are competent and easy to discuss my issues with,  but their office organisation leaves something to be desired.

Years ago,  when my old psychiatrist was closing her office and I moved to theirs,  they accidentally shredded my medical records that had been sent over because they had my last name wrong. When I went back several years later,  they couldn't find my newer records from their practice.  My psychologist finally had her hands on them at our last visit, after I'd been going there for three months. And not once have the two floors communicated each one's notes to the other.  Really.  So this morning I was frustrated,  as all the doctor could do was give me refills on my other meds and tell me to cone back in two months,  meaning I wouldn't be treated for the ADHD until September at the earliest.  I complained about this to the woman at the checkout desk,  who said she could made me an appointment in a month instead.  I may have to come back in September,  too,  but at least we could address the other then.  So that helped. I must say,  I handle frustration much better than I used to.  Maybe I'm finally growing up.

Work was okay,  nothing exciting to report.  I did wear my bracing gloves today because my wrists and hands have been hurting. I really need to go to a hand specialist.  I've known the carpal tunnel has been back for awhile,  but haven't done anything about it.  I've even noticed a twitching in my thumb occasionally.  I don't know if that's a symptom- -I don't remember it before my carpal tunnel release surgeries.  But I should go have it checked out in any case.  Anyway,  the gloves did help.

Class was great.  It was our session on communication.  A really liked it, and he did really well. This one was mostly hands-on exercises,  without much lecture.  Next week's is about self-care.

Okay,  I've been writing with my phone,  swiping as I go. My hands are totally cramping now, so I'm going to go now.  Good night!

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