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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I am such a geek

2010 eclipse by Denys
Wikimedia Commons
A friend and I were watching 'Wizards vs. Aliens' the other day and there was a total solar eclipse (bad science episode, but entertaining anyway), and all I could think of is that in two years (August 21, 2017), we in Kentucky will experience one. (Actually, the great thing about this one is that a lot of Americans will be able to catch it.) I've seen solar eclipses (once in 1979 in California, where we were out of the range of the totality) and once in 1991 (where I was in Kentucky, and again, outside the range of totality), but I've never actually been somewhere where the moon obscured the sun completely. So I'm very excited to see a total eclipse for the first time in my life. Gods willing, I'll be there with eclipse glasses on. :)

Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017

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