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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

She's exactly right, and I use this way too much myself

Google Exec Reveals the One Word Women Need to Stop Saying If They Ever Want to Be ‘Respected’
“Yet I began to notice that “just” wasn’t about being polite: it was a subtle message of subordination, of deference. Sometimes it was self-effacing. Sometimes even duplicitous.”

“As I started really listening, I realized that striking it from a phrase almost always clarified and strengthened the message.”--Ellen Petry Leanse
There are a lot of comments on the the Internet like, 'don't tell women how to talk' or 'there's no data to back this up'. It was never a scientific study, it was based on anecdotal experience. But it doesn't mean women shouldn't be more assertive in their language--we undermine ourselves easily in all sorts of way in the business world and beyond. There's nothing wrong with suggesting that we think about how we say something and how to make it stronger.

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