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Thursday, July 30, 2015

It usually does not take me long to go to sleep

Five minutes, at the most, really. Last night it took about an hour. Thank you, Microsoft. And I wanted to get up at 6, which would have been a little over four hours of sleep, but my body rebelled and here I am, awake at 8:30. But at least I'm off from work.

So on the agenda today:
  1. Finish straightening up the house.
  2. Do the dishes.
  3. Water the plants, inside and out.
  4. Get some medicine from the vet.
  5. Take a friend to an appointment.
  6. Take books back to the library.
  7. Maybe take a swim in the pool?
I (finally) used my frustration last night and powered it into filling up the fish tanks, so they have water. It took till this morning to get the pump on the big tank to pull the water through properly though, and the little one still isn't working like it should. They never ran empty or anything that would destroy the pumps. I changed the filter on the little one and tried to position it right above the water. It's a little persnickety, usually. I'll keep trying. I also filled up the ice cube trays this morning because I am tired of warm water.

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