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Friday, July 10, 2015

Home fairly early

I got through a good portion of my to-do list today at work, mostly the priority things, and then took a friend to an appointment after work. I like that the appointments can go until late--even 7 pm sometimes. That's five appointments between the two of us this week, which is pretty extreme and unusual. Wednesday I took off because I had two, and then we did some other things as well, and this one was after normal work hours, so I just missed a little. But this is why I usually keep maybe three days of PTO on tap, when I get four weeks of PTO each year. :)

So now I'm home and while I should do game notes, I am really more interested in doing just about anything else; I can work on them in the morning. Tomorrow I also need to pay my rent and go to the library for a couple of books I have on hold, then head over to my friends' house and do an errand or two for them.

But right now I think I will get off the computer and do something fun. Good night.

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