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Friday, September 14, 2012

I lucked out

I was finished with my work for the day and needed to go to the bank, so I left work a bit early and one of my co-workers not only took me to the bank, but took me home as well, so I got home in record time. Now I'm in a sunny room having some of the pasta YKWIA made, although it looks like it's cloudy on the western horizon and might even rain later.

Tomorrow I have free time, although as usual when that happens, I don't have money to go out and do things. Also, a co-worker is giving me a couple of small tables and might stop by if she's in Lexington, so I'll probably stick close to home in case she calls. I'm looking forward to reading and maybe watching some movies. I do still need to do the notes, and I will start earlier this time, as last time was awful. The house is in good shape, so I don't need to do anything on that front, except maybe vacuum and put some water in the aquarium for the fish (it evaporates). So tomorrow is a fun day, for the most part.

Okay, I think I'm going to go read the news and then that HP Lovecraft graphic novel. Have a great night.

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