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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I decided not to go for a walk

I'm already a bit sore from the bike ride. But overall I accomplished a lot today.

I'm a little worried about my mom; I tried calling her and couldn't get a hold of her. It's not that that is so unusual but I haven't heard from her in awhile, and she never responded to my birthday greetings a month ago (which I sent by card, e-mail, and Facebook), and I couldn't get through on the phone then, either. If she got a new phone, she could at least e-mail me. I had hoped to go visit this weekend, but never heard back, and I haven't been able to get her. The only thing I do know is the gift certificate I gave her for her birthday was redeemed. Otherwise, nothing. So I'm a bit concerned.

Well, maybe she'll see I called and call back. Otherwise I think I'll listen to some music before bed. I probably won't write any more tonight, but will turn in early. Good night.

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