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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

There's a great commentary on the news making its way around Facebook

How the News Really Works

[Picture of President Obama drinking from a cup with a Pepsi logo on it]

CNN: Obama appeals to Pepsi fans.
FoxNews: Obama declares war on Coke.
MSNBC: In about an hour, we will have live coverage of Obama drinking the best cola. All who disagree are racist.
BBC: 18 killed in US drone strike in Pakistan.

Which spurred me to check, once again, to see if the BBC News Android application had been updated to work on my tablet and lo, it had. Yay!

Well, so far I've been pretty productive. I did some yoga earlier and my back feels really nice. I've got some pain in my eye, and it's red and I woke up just streaming eye goo, but I don't think it's infected or anything; I think it's just allergies, as it got better with the Claritin.

I've taken out the trash and recyclables and generally done a few small things around the house. I should call our payroll clerk in a bit to make sure she puts my PTO in for last Wednesday. Payday is Thursday, thank goodness, as I have about $30 in cash one me and another $20 in the bank. :) Then there's some more house chores to do--nothing heavy, the house is in pretty good shape, just maintenance stuff. I still have those CDs to go through and put in order so I can clear off the dining area table. Sometime today I want to get some exercise in. And after noon I'll call the pet store and see what their hours are. The farmer's market runs from 3 to 6 today (it is Tuesday, right?), so I may stop by there on my way back from the shopping centre, if I go, which I pretty much have to, as I'm down to one roll of toilet paper, and that is a good reason to venture forth to the grocery store, which is next to the pet shop, low on funds or not. :)

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