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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just getting home and it's after midnight

I went over to YKWIA's to figure some stuff up for the game and he fed me some wonderful tomato, fennel, and zucchini soup, stuffed tomatoes, and potato salad. I even got the tiniest sliver of homemade Derby pie. :) I have had lots of veggies today; lunch was acorn squash, broccoli, vegetarian bean soup, a roll, and salad. Breakfast, in case you were wondering, is my 'new normal' of two hard-boiled eggs, a small biscuit, and some apple butter, which is probably not the best, but much better than the 'old normal' of a package of Pop-Tarts.

It's been the week that doesn't seem to end. Maybe that's because last week was a short one. At least tomorrow I get to wear jeans to work; it's employee appreciation day. We're going to have a free lunch (with prizes and a small gift).

That's all I think I'll write about right now. I'm very sleepy and my bed is calling me. I don't want to be a zombie tomorrow!

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