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Thursday, September 13, 2012

A nice afternoon

Today we had a catered lunch at work. For carnivores there was apparently excellent chicken with apricot sauce and pulled pork. Otherwise there was potato salad, a vegetable pasta salad, fruit, chips, cookies, brownies, and fruit bars, lemonade, and tea. I ate some potato salad and pasta salad, a tiny bit of fruit, and yes, did have a wonderfully rich chocolate brownie. I stopped by the cafeteria and got some eggs off the salad bar to have a little protein in my system. Despite the carbs, I did pretty well.

I was ahead on my time, so I left a half-hour early and rode home on the bus. I went to the library and got several books of various types. There's two graphic novels: Chiaroscuro: the Private Lives of Leonardo da Vinci, which I never managed to find the whole series when DC-Vertigo put it out; Graphic Classics: HP Lovecraft--yes, I've read the stories, but I'm always interested when they translate it into graphic form. Then there's John Oldale's A World of Curiosities: Suprising, Interesting, and Downright Unbelievable Facts from Every Nation on the Planet (I love trivia books); The Diary of Mary Berg: Growing up in the Warsaw Ghetto (the Holocaust is an area of special interest for me); finally, Dee Brown's Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: the Illustrated Edition. I read this book years ago (my mother was taking some college classes and had to do a report on it), but the illustrations make it worth a second-look.

I carried the books home somewhat awkwardly (the Brown book has a wrapper around it that would be easy to damage). A typical evening, there are boys playing football and basketball over near the court. I got in and was happily surprised to find a cheque from my flexible spending company. I was pretty sure I was overcharged the last time I went to Lexington Clinic, and lo, I was. I can put that in the bank tomorrow, yay! Then I went out and watered my pepper, which was looking a little peaked. After that I fixed dinner (I still have the lovely pole bean orecchiette that YKWIA made me. I had that and a garden burger patty. I may go back for seconds with the pasta. I'm also having a little coffee, something I rarely do. It's chocolate raspberry. I got some of those 'Mini-Moos' last time I went to the grocery, because I don't drink enough coffee to get half-and-half, but these store for awhile.

Yesterday I got my new issue of Victoria magazine, which I love to peruse. I didn't get a chance to look at it last night, so that will be something for this evening. Also, I am considering watching The Lorax, so I can send it back tomorrow. I think the next DVD on my list is Coraline, but I may see about getting something else in my queue. I've really been wanting to watch Priscilla, Queen of the Desert again, and unfortunately my copy is VHS and my VCR died. I also discovered just now that 'Airwolf' is available on streaming video. I really liked that show. It had helicopters, cellos, and Jan-Michael Vincent. :)

Okay, I think I'm going to do a quick sweep of the news, get some more coffee, and start doing some things. :)

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