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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Being judicious and musing about one of life's little necessities

Since I was getting paid tonight (late tonight, that is, and possibly even tomorrow with the holiday), I decided to take the aquarium hood in tomorrow. In doing so I forgot about the other reason to go the shopping centre today--toilet paper. And of course I got a ride home in the rain, so I was just relieved not to be out in it, without thinking about the small roll at home. I still have some, but let's just say tomorrow morning may be it, and I definitely have to go to Kroger tomorrow. I so should have gotten this at the store Sunday when we did the big grocery run, but I didn't think of it at the time. That's the trouble with toilet paper--it's so innocuous, and yet necessary, and it's lack sneaks up on you. I usually get those really big packages of double rolls (Cottonelle when possible), and they seem to last forever, but last time I just got a four pack and it didn't.

Still, I'm glad we have such a thing, especially the cushiony type. Some people in the world use other things, like stones (I remember when I first heard of that--ouch! A facility in Afghanistan was built and they couldn't figure out what was happening to the plumbing, until they realised the locals weren't using the toilet paper provided, but rather stones--and then flushing them. Come on guys, even the ancient Greeks had a sponge on a stick. I know the country's landlocked, but still....) Of course, maybe we Americans are a little spoiled when it comes to toilet paper. Someone I knew who went to Russia, for example, took two things she considered essential--peanut butter and toilet paper. I'd probably do the same.

Okay, time to go to bed. Good night.

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