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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Heading for bed

Yesterday I spent all day at a friend's house working on his to-do list and then came home and watched the series 7 premiere of Doctor Who, which was great fun. Another great thing was my tablet had an update pushed to it by T-Mobile, so now it's running Android operating system Ice Cream Sandwich rather than Honeycomb. Most of the changes have been cosmetic, but it's fun to play with. So far, everything seems to work on the higher version.

Today I slept in for a Sunday, getting up at 6:30. I cleaned house to prepare for the game. Then Brenda came and we did the big grocery run, which wasn't giant this time. Then we played the game for about 6 hours, till 11 pm, doing a lot of investigation, which means I can't wait till the last minute to do notes next time, because it takes longer to transcribe investigation vs. action.

Tomorrow I have no firm plans. If Animal House is open, I'll take in my aquarium hood and see if they can get it going. Fortunately I got a new bus pass today, although tomorrow the buses are running on a Sunday schedule, which is pretty limited. I'm glad I don't still work in retail where you're expected to work on holidays, often at hours later than the bus runs. Otherwise I'll do some stuff around the house, I think. But my plan is to turn off all alarms and just wake up naturally, maybe do some yoga, and go from there. :)

Alright, I'm tired; it's time to head on to bed. If you celebrate the holiday, may it be a good one. Hope your weekend went fine if it's now over and done with. Good night.

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