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Friday, September 07, 2012


  1. Today: To either renew a yoga DVD I have out from the library before midnight or take it in before they open tomorrow; it's due today [PS Can't renew, must be requested--so I guess it's bring it in tomorrow]
  2. Water the purple pepper and water/turn the lavender
  3. Do the game notes; it'll take awhile, so I can't wait until the last minute--it involves investigation on a case, and that always takes longer than action
  4. Take my rent over this evening so I don't owe more
  5. Check to see if I have enough quarters to do one load of laundry; I got something on my favourite pair of jeans and would like to wear them this weekend [yes, I do, I actually have $3 which is good, because $1 in quarters went down the black hole that is my loveseat when I tried to gather them up :)]
  6. Do the laundry
  7. For tomorrow: Set the DVR for 'Doctor Who' in case I don't get back in time
  8. Bring an umbrella; it's going to rain, most likely> [yes, quite wet!]
  9. Take the beans Brenda gave me so YKWIA can do something wonderful with them
  10. Take the big container I just bought for the results of the something wonderful so I can take some home [already packed in bag, with the groceries except the refrigerator stuff]
  11. Take all the groceries YKWIA requested with me
  12. Tally up how much he owes me [not much, when I tallied it]
  13. Take The Lorax DVD to watch with someone who wanted to see it [in my purse]
  14. Charge the reusable batteries for the voice recorder for Sunday's Cthulhu game [do that Saturday night; I don't feel comfortable leaving them to charge when I'm not home, for some reason; I feel the same way about dryers and heated dishwashers]

I think that's it. I'm thirsty, hot, and tired after going to the bank and the store, filling the cart and having three plastic bags besides. I'm considering that a workout for the day. Just ate some spinach artichoke hummus with flatbread and so I'm not hungry like I was. Going to relax for a bit before I do anything else. Thank goodness for Bethany, though, who gave me a ride from work to the bank, so I didn't have to go all over the place on the bus.

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