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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm not going to feel guilty tonight about going to bed early

since I was up till 2 am downloading those videos. But I got them all, yay!

Today was a pretty productive day despite feeling like an old woman when I first got up. Considering it was practically balmy for January, I hate to think what I'll feel like later in the week when the temperatures turn colder. I wasn't exactly sure I was going to make it up the hill to the hospital I work in after the bus driver let me off. Every joint and my feet were not just aching, not just throbbing, but flared up to acute stabbing pain. I was walking like, well, almost like a crab. It was awful. I'm used to a lot of chronic pain, but this was actually getting to me. On the other hand, I took a couple of ibuprofen and it eventually got better, especially as I moved around, and I didn't have to repeat the dose later. So that was good.

But the best thing of all about today was the news I got from the IRS. I've been trying to call them since Friday with absolutely no luck. The main phone number would make you go through the menu, put you on hold, and once you'd been on hold for as long as they told you, it would suddenly tell you the call could not be completed at this time and hang up. So last night I went poking through some important papers and came up with the actual agreement I made with the IRS as far as paying them in instalments. It had another number which took longer to get through in terms of hold time, but led to a real person. I thought I still owed a small amount of money, but was concerned that they would take out $200 anyway because it might have been set up for a certain amount of time, and I accidentally double-paid them in June, when the automatic debits began. That would have been bad because I get paid the day after it normally comes out and wouldn't have the money to cover it. She looked up my record and not only will that not happen, I have a CREDIT with them, so they owe me. That's a wonderful thing. Plus, we usually get our W-2s with our first paycheque of the year (in this case Thursday), and I'm going to file as soon as possible because I think I'm going to get a refund for the first time in six years. Remember that $600 people got from George W Bush' government? Never saw it; it went straight to my tax bill. So, anyway, I'm excited. So now I don't owe any taxes to the federal or state governments. Yay!

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