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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Found a super way to avoid sweets today;

Force myself to take my blood sugar first.

I'd eaten well today, but yet again forgot to take my Lantus last night (I just took it, though, in case you're interested). So my blood sugar was running high, I knew. I had two separate people point out that McGee's bakery had brought cake into the hospital, and I should go get some if I wanted it. Instead of going and scarfing down cake from one of the best bakeries in the area with buttercream frosting to die for, I decided to check my blood sugar.


Way high. Normal is about 60-120. Now granted, I didn't feel horrible--I'm used to being high. I actually felt shaky at about 189 the other day, even though that's not low.

Needless to say, I passed on the cake. I even went for a walk around the hospital to try to clear my head a little.

I love my doctor, and of course when I eat things I should and not things I shouldn't, it's a little better, but I'm beginning to think that I should actually go to an endocrinologist. I'll see if my A1c has improved at all next time. If not, I've already downloaded the names of the doctors in my network. I really think I would benefit from a little metformin added back into the mix. When I was on oral meds and insulin, my levels were actually normal, and I felt, well, so different.

I did make a couple of appointments today...one for a new podiatrist that was recommended by a co-worker, and another for a gynaecologist, as I need a routine pap smear. It's almost time for my mammogramme, too. Ah, the beginning of the year, when the flexible spending account is flush and the urge is to get healthy.

Another thing I learned from reading the book was just how fortunate it is that I have routine, preventative, and acute care through my health and dental insurance. It is the thing I fear losing most in terms of the job situation.

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