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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I did two bad things tonight

1) I ate dinner at the computer, and was distracted enough that I didn't take my insulin, leading me to get sleepy and head on to be for a 'nap', only waking up when a friend called, and

2) missing a dose of my medication that helps with the foot pain, so they're not feeling so well. I can tell a real difference. I went ahead and took my nightly dose, though, so hopefully that will kick in here soon.

Today birds figured prominently in my day. The weather was very springlike, sunny at times but a few showers later. This morning as I went to work, birdsong abounded. The lawn in front of the hospital portico was full of robins and starlings, and a tree near the entrance had several birds, including a goldfinch, perched in it. Later, on my way home, I saw a kingfisher (this one was a female), a bird I've never seen in person before. It was near the reservoir on Richmond Road, perched on a line. And of course there were ducks in that body of water and the pond on Blazer Parkway. What can I say, I notice birds. I find them reassuring and love watching their delicate movements and the listening to the variety of their songs. I'm not an active birdwatcher, I don't go hiking out in the woods to see them, but I enjoy seeing them when I happen upon them. :)

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