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Thursday, January 26, 2012

I have one shiny fingernail

After work a co-worker who was giving me a ride tonight was going to stop by the mall and asked if I wanted anything from there. I've been wanting some of that Bath and Body Works orange ginger lotion, so I tagged along. On the way back from the store, the nice Israeli man at the Seacret kiosk lured first my co-worker (and then, since she was captured, me), whereupon he exuded his plentiful charms and buffed our fingernails with a buffer from their nail care kit that basically brings out the natural oils (I think it 'exfoliates' the outer edge of the nail, revealing the shiny nail below). It was very impressive, and he dropped the price from $59 to $29, but we did resist. Still, I must say I was intrigued. :) It really does look like I have clear nail polish on that nail, and since I can't stand the smell of nail polish, it would be a nice alternative. I'll consider it for the future.

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