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Friday, January 20, 2012

Up at the crack of dawn

Literally, although I know lots of my co-workers are already at work by 7 am. I'm doing two loads of laundry, and I also wrote a complaint in regarding a delivery order I made last weekend, where they didn't have a drink so instead of modifying the order, they took the whole order off, then had me pay for it over the phone when it was delivered. The problem is that original amount has been sitting in pending for six days (four of them business days), unavailable. The bank says it sometimes takes that long to fall off. I don't think that the restaurant can do anything to help, at this point, but I respectfully suggested they find a way for stores to modify web orders without capturing people's money for days on end (and no, I didn't put it that way). I forgot to mention that I think they overcharged me the second time, by putting the tip on twice, as it actually wound up another $4 higher.

I suppose this is the universe's way of punishing me for ordering pizza. I will say I ate on that pizza till yesterday, so I did eat over several days. Still...maybe it will discourage the diabetic from ordering things she shouldn't eat.

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