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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bring it and they will fill

I really must remember to bring two reusable bags next time I make a run to Kroger. I have a very large tote bag that in this case held everything but the bread and bagels. The problem is carrying it afterwards. I'm not just moving it from a car inside. Yet you don't want a lot of small bags on the bus, either. So usually I let them fill what they can into the big tote and then struggle to get it home from the bus stop to my apartment, which is a fair distance.

I have noticed if I take a normal reusable grocery bag and that one, they try to pack the larger one lighter. So that's the way to go. I just lugged two 2-litres, cheese of various varieties, hummus, tortillas, flatbread, bread, bagels, bananas, chili, tuna, and yoghurt home, almost all of which was in that big bag. (I know, I'm missing a major food group--vegetables. I got some of those when we did the big grocery run last week, and needed to get some more, but didn't think I could get it all home, and besides, the money I put in the bank won't go through till Monday night, so I didn't want to overspend.) I did splurge on some canned air for my keyboard and a friend's. They desperately need it,and it's easier to get there then try to take the bus somewhere else.

I must admit, I am seriously considering a nap, even though I merely did some errands about a block or two away from home. It took almost 2 hours, only about half of an hour was actually spent in the bank or shopping. Whew!

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