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Friday, January 20, 2012

Well, book #2 for the year is finished

That, of course, is Rebecca Skloot's Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, which was excellent. I liked it so much I'm considering buying it in physical format. I also went ahead and downloaded two more library books: Civilization: the West and the Rest by Niall Ferguson (a history book) and Small Persons with Wings by Ellen Booraem (juvenile fiction). I have them for two weeks.

I got a very nice and prompt reply from the store manager regarding my complaint this morning. Theoretically it should have fallen off of pending and not into posted by Monday, returning the $24.96 to my account. If not, we'll see what can be done about it then. I hope it does before then, as I'm getting a little low on funds. I've got two cheques to put in the bank, which I will do tomorrow, but they won't post until Monday night, since Saturday's not a business day. I've seen estimates for my tax refund anywhere from January 25th through the 31st, so I'm not sure when that will happen. Still, that's pretty speedy, especially as they only started processing filed forms on Tuesday. I just hope that mine doesn't get held up for any reason. According to the IRS, they owe me from the payments I made on my back taxes, but I don't really trust this process completely. We'll see.

I don't have any other plans for tomorrow. Usually when I try to make plans for Saturday they fall through, so I think it's better to play it by ear. I would like to do some honest-to-goodness housework, though. I got a couple of loads of laundry in this morning, but still have a lot of stuff to do around the house.

Okay, that's enough for now. I'm going to check the news. I did see earlier that Etta James died this morning. So here's a little music to remember her by...

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