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Thursday, January 19, 2012

I spent about two and a half hours tonight

navigating an online job application process, researching the job and who to direct the cover letter to, and writing said cover letter, only to have the automated system say that I didn't meet the minimum requirements because of how I answered one of the 'supplemental questions', with no way to change that, and so even though I have several years' experience, going right down the job description, it's rejecting my application because my experience is not so narrow as they've defined. I have an e-mail into the human resources department, but I suspect they'll say there's nothing they can do. I'm halfway tempted to just send the cover letter and résumé through the mail, although that's not how things work any more. I guess I'm a little spoiled having worked for a small workplace where everyone knows each other.

Well, it's a little frustrating, but good practice, especially as I hate writing cover letters and I did a pretty fine one. And if they really want to define experience that narrowly, then I wish them well, although I think they'll be rejecting a lot of potentially good candidates.

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