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Saturday, January 21, 2012

One more thing

It's always good when a species thought long-dead shows back up (well, except perhaps velociraptors and their cousins. Those may not be great have on, say, New York streets. But maybe I'm just biased because monkeys are, well, cousins.)

Scientists find monkey long believed extinct in Indonesian jungles
Scientists working in the dense jungles of Indonesia have “rediscovered” a large, gray monkey so rare it was believed by many to be extinct.

They were all the more baffled to find the Miller’s Grizzled Langur — its black face framed by a fluffy, Dracula-esque white collar — in an area well outside its previously recorded home range.
They actually had to compare the monkeys with drawings in museum's to verify the species. Of course, there's no idea just yet as to how many there are. Thousands of photos were taken using camera traps, but they could just be a family or two coming to the water regularly.

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