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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The snow is really coming down outside

Mind you, this week it was in the 50s, but a cold front is coming through. I left work at 6:30 and it was snowing, and very nippy with the wind, but nothing compared to how it started coming down when we were halfway to my house. My ride wanted a movie from Redbox, so we stopped at McDonald's, got it, and we each got some food (which is nice, as I have very little in the house, didn't want to get some delivery guy out in the snow, and am probably not making a grocery run till Saturday). The snow is very small but just coming down like someone was manufacturing the stuff with those machines they use at ski lodges. Anyway, I'm glad to be safe inside where it's warm. I have to venture out at some point to go over to the leasing office to drop off my rent and possibly do some laundry (the laundry room for the complex is in the same building as the leasing office...there aren't facilities inside the apartment buildings themselves). I may put the latter on hold. Tomorrow is jeans day at work and I think I have a pair that's clean.

I did some résumé reformatting since getting those books yesterday. I got it down to two pages, rearranged a little, and added a section to pitch my good qualities from the get-go. Tonight I'm going to try to re-vamp the one on the web and do some more reading. :)

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