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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sorry I didn't blog last night

I was stranded at my friends' place due to snow that quickly covered the streets. After waiting over three hours for a cab I conceded defeat and bedded down on a rug in their living room. One of their dogs got under the cover with me and cuddled all night. :) She's very comfort oriented. I didn't sleep well, mainly because I didn't have my CPAP machine. At 8 am I got up, took a bus, and arrived home at 10, calling in to work and asking my boss if it would be okay if I took today off, as I was still very tired from the lack of sleep. I tried to catch up on my sleep and didn't get up until 2:40 pm, so that I could be at my other job by 3:30.

The walk wasn't bad because it had rained all day and everything was slushy. Of course, while I was at work the temperature plummeted and the snow started back up. Walking home in -3 degree wind chill with a heavy northwest wind and frozen slush was taxing, particularly on my ankles. So I finally got home, put ice on my ankles and knees, and called my friend to let him know I was home and okay.

I probably would have had a ride, but one of my co-workers at the store was out sick; he has hydrocephalus, which is very serious (although I think I'm the only one there who seems to understand that--it can be fatal). Here's hoping he'll be okay; he has to consult with a neurosurgeon--I suppose they'll discuss putting in a shunt.

Anyway, that's the news on my end. I don't really feel up to looking and commenting on the news. I have something to rant about that YKWIA told me about yesterday, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. The good thing is that I'm off from the store. She's going to try to let me off an extra day, and that helps with my feet. Actually, tonight I did really well in terms of pain until I went down a sidewalk of frozen slush, where the uneven surface really did a number on my tendons. The rest of the time I walked at the edge of the streets (there aren't any sidewalks other than the first 30 yards or so on my way home) and that wasn't so bad, although I had to watch for ice, especially black ice.

I am so ready for spring, and I'm not even having to endure the feet of snow of the mid-Atlantic states.

Okay, good night. I'm going to go on to bed.

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