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Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP Casper the Bus-Riding Cat

Casper the commuting cat to be immortalised in new children's book after hit and run death

Proceeds will go to animal charities.

Casper the commuting cat killed by hit-and-run driver: Bus driver and passengers pay tribute to Casper the cat who would board Plymouth bus and ride around city

Celebrity cat killed in hit and run
Marc Reddy, Managing Director of First Devon and Cornwall, expressed the company’s sympathy for the friendly feline.

He said: “We were devastated to hear that Casper had been involved in an accident; he was a regular passenger on Service 3 in Plymouth and had become very well known across the business.

“On hearing the news of his death, many of the drivers expressed sympathy for him and Susan, and we contacted her to offer our collective condolences.

“Casper touched many people’s lives and clearly had a very exciting life – travelling around Plymouth and who knows where else. I suspect he’s now exploring heaven and is telling all the other cats up there about the many adventures he had.”

Casper was so popular that an image of him was emblazoned onto the side of a First Devon and Cornwall bus.

Mr Reddy said: “Casper’s image will remain on the bus for some time to come, and we hope that seeing it around town will give Susan some comfort.”

He added that Casper is also due to feature in a children’s TV programme later this year, detailing his exploits on the bus in the city.

“His memory will live on, giving people pleasure, for a while yet,” he added
Casper the cat could have had an ordinary (and longer) life as an indoor cat, but for whatever reason he developed a penchant for queuing up with other passengers on his local bus route to ride the No. 3 bus along its entire route and back again, and in doing so, touched many lives every day. It's sad that he died. But through the book and television programme, his story will remain and in a way, he'll have a bit of immortality.

Thanks to birdie of LISNews for the story.

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